Non Sequitur - Absurdism

If indeed Rep. Cuenco intended to give money to Hung (as alleged by Dalawampu) he wouldn’t be that naive or stupid to do it INSIDE the court, in the presence of literally EVERYONE. Furthermore, considering that Hung is implicated in the case of Shabu manufacturing where millions of pesos is involved, giving a pittance of thousand peso bills would be an insult to Hung.

This boggles the mind in plain absurdity.

Her comment that Cuenco had a lot hanging on to Hung does not shadow the fact that she also has a lot hanging to Tan as he is the one that pays off her bills and legal fees. Everyone has vested interests in this case, we can only presume that Cuenco’s interest is in upholding the law by ensuring that those that are found guilty are sentenced appropriately. I wonder what Dalawampu’s interest is. My own stake at this item? As a concerned citizen, I hope that the trial is not clouded by trivialities that seek to distract rather than clarify the real case. One irrefutable fact remain, drugs destroy lives, innocent lives.


..this is a quick note on the verbal tussle between Rep. Cuenco and Atty. Dalawampu over allegations that Dalawampu saw Cuenco hand over money to Hung inside a courtroom. Hung has turned state witness against Calvin Tan, pointing at Tan as the financier for the Shabu manufacturing operation in Mandaue. Full Details can be read here.


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