Children of a Lesser God (x)

Our generation is getting older with no one to succeed us, our children are suffering greater tragedies and we live in a generation where we are paying for our forefathers' sins. Yet for all our rhetorics of learning from history, we are dangerously close to setting the stage for our children to suffer the consequences of our foolishness.

In a report on World Population Estimates, 6.3B humans live today, of which half of the children population (estimated at about 1B) are suffering from War, Poverty and AIDS according to UNICEF (click here for a full story in CNN).

These are mere figures indicative of a greater risk for Humanity. of the 6.3B humans, roughly 2B are children and the World Population Estimate reports indicate that the average annual growth rate is rapidly declining from a rate of 2.19% in 1962 (the baby boomers) to 0.90% in 2020.

From a non statistician perspective, to replenish humanity, couples need to have an average of 2.25 children to move on to the next generation. Then again, less people are getting married, opting for late childbirth and partnership. This means, that by 2020 we will have a world where the adult population living above 60 years of age would be greater than number than young adults under the age of 20.

All studies indicate that the Western and European civilization is in danger of a decline whereas the Asiatic and African regions are seeing an increase in population. Translate this into the reality that most of the children living in poverty, illiteracy and suffer the consequences of war are from Asia and Africa and you have a very dangerous situation where our future generation is sinking back into its barbaric state with an aging group and workforce that sees no continuation of its line.

The reason is now, our actions, our inability to stop the war, our cursed apathy to the plight of people, our conformist attitude, our disrespect for cultures and hues different from our own, our total belief that we as humans can do it by ourselves. We are to blame.

And the cycle continues. We need to break the vicious chain. Our future generation deserve it. We may have lost our innocence but we have the responsibility to ensure the survival of the future.


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