Let's Keep This Between Us Okay?

i am honestly thinking twice before letting you all in this secret. possibly the best kept secret of San Francisco in Camotes.

i mean, every day, a bit of paradise is lost and the usual culprit would be me, you, the tourists.

we discover a spot of heaven on earth and before you know it, a karaoke joint is set up right smack in the middle of nowhere. of course that's being melodramatic, but you probably get my point.

and i hope, i sincerely hope, that it's going to take years, decades before anyone decides they want a piece of bakhaw and turn it into boracay.

no disrespect for boracay, i've had my share of good memories of the place, but bakhaw brings me back to the days when things were simpler, quieter and one gets a sense of being one with nature.

one way to get to bakhaw is to rent one of the motorbikes that ply their service near the standard resorts in camotes. alternately, you can rent out a jeep for the day and make bakhaw part of your itinerary. the best way to visit bakhaw is to bring your own car and simply let time takeover without having to worry about meeting any particular deadline.

bring lots of water as there is very little potable drinking water available in the sparsely equipped stretch of sand. huts for rent are available where you can drop your things and head off to the inviting water. don't forget to ask one of the boys to get you some "butong", young green coconut, to quench your thirst.

when you're done for the day, take pictures, lots of pictures to seal the memory. one never knows, the next time you visit bakhaw, a karaoke joint may be blaring "my way" as part of the program. pray that it never happens.


AJ said…
Like you I want my beach to be virgin, not whorish like Bora, hehe. Yeah I'm with you. Sana there won't be karaoke and jetskis in this paradise, otherwise di na sha talaga paradise - outdoor mall na.

Gandwa ng photos. Love the squiggly tree.
Cacho said…
ha ha ha i didn't want to use "whorish" to describe bora, daming aalma ha ha ha :) next time you visit cebu let me know okay? :)

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