Enchanting Camotes

Bukilat Cave, Tudela, Poro Island, Camotes, Cebu
unplanned trips are usually the best. it was close to midnight when the group decided they wanted to go to Camotes the following day. and when I say "following day", that means we should be in the RoRo (Roll On, Roll Off) seaport by 4:30AM so we can reserve a car space in the boat. which means we had less than three hours to get some sleep, pack our sunblock and get ready for the trip.

needless to say, Ron woke up late around 3:30AM and i ended up driving the car (after a couple of red bull) after we picked up andrew. any last vestige of sleepiness quickly disappeared as ron and andrew shrieked while i raced, skidded, flew over potholes and bumps and practically flew to Danao from Cebu City. a little under 30 minutes and we were able to make it at 4:30AM to meet up with the rest of the gang.

nobody told me that we didn't have to be there THAT early as the other group could have reserved or slot. oh well. i've been wanting to go on a speed ride for the longest time he he he.

it was close to 6:00AM before the first boat pushed off and by 8:00AM we were already in Camotes. I am guessing the captain had too much "tuba" before the trip, it took a umber of attempts before he was able to dock the boat. it didn't help that the idiotic passengers kept rushing from one side of the boat to the other that caused the boat to tilt off kilter.
lechon for breakfast?!?

The first order of the day was breakfast and we headed to San Francisco where Cecil's family feted us with lechon for breakfast. that was when i knew this trip was going to be grand! i mean, how often do you get a WHOLE lechon for breakfast? dinuguan, kalderetang kambing, a literal feast early in the morning to fuel us for the rest of the day.

First stop was Bukilat cave, one of 8 caves currently mapped out in Camotes Island and is probably the most famous for its natural pool of cool fresh water where you can enjoy a nice dip. It is located in Tudela in the island of Poro. 

enjoy a swim in the cool waters, make sure you visit the place during high tide

Warning, the water level rises and sinks with the tide so it is best to consult the locals for the expected high tide to ensure you can go for a swim.

The best time to visit the place is from 10AM - 2PM where it may be too hot to stay in one of the gorgeous beaches around Camotes but cool enough inside the cave for a refreshing dip. Furthermore, the holes on top of the cave allow natural light to illuminate the interior that adds to the atmospheric effect of the shadows created by the natural stalactites and stalagmites.

Natural Light

the best way to get around is to commission a motorcycle from drivers that offer their services in the various resorts in San Francisco. Better yet, find a contact in Camotes and rent out a jeepney for the whole day to allow you to visit various places. 

Bringing a car is the best way to go around Camotes so you can plan your itinerary at your own leisure. This is just the first day of the trip and there are still wonders to discover in Camotes. Visit this blog for more posts as I feature Bakhaw beach, Mangodlong and Danao Lake in Camotes.


Yacht Charter said…
In unplanned trip, there is a chance to explore new things and places while in planned trip you only visit the place where you want to go. It is nice to visit the place like Bukilat Cave. It is wonderful place of Cebu.

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