a love affair with food

what's the common thing between hoteliers from crimson by way of santa mesa manila, an ozamis native of hilton, the artistic vibes of hinigaran negros occidental from radisson blue, a manileno writer from peopleasia and an imported iloilo native doing hr services and training for the bpo industry have in common?

an orgy of delicious food parading in front of us in Tsim Sha Tsui. And I don't mean the road in kowloon, hoooong kong, somewhere nearer in Ayala Terraces is the cebu franchise of the same restaurant that has taken the next level in dimsum buffet. imagine an assorted of dimsum and dumplings set on a conveyor belt that goes round and round.

take a deep breath until you feel light in the head after an overdose of vetsin and feast your eyes on this set...

tofu stuffed with meat, fried and steamed. the steaming process softens the fried tofu. tasty with a black bean sauce that gives it that salty ooomph!

beef balls, nope, this is not soup no. 5 made into dumplings, real beef formed into balls then steamed until cooked. taaasty.

machang, sticky rice with assorted meats wrapped in lotus leaf then steamed until cooked.

the lotus leaf imparts a smoky, sort of tobacco flavor that permeates the rice and meat.

there are other dimsum and dumpling selection on the list aside from the array of desserts, then again i bet you are just as tired of seeing the same array of quail egg, shrimp, pork, chicken feet, mandungo, steamed chicken, pork spareribs featured in every other chinese dumpling blog entry :)

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