the sweet smell of insanity

hayden kho has a better chance of reinventing himself as a porn star than a perfumer. then again it just might be a "short" lived career if you are to base it on his uploaded audition pieces in youtube. to say he comes up "short" is an understatement.

nevertheless, his recent foray into the scent industry has met a lot of talk in the blog world, mostly criticism, with bong revilla leading the pack in a verbal tussle with hayden. i find it amusing that revilla, a rumored serial womanizer, thinks he is much better than hayden. rumor has it that what gets revilla's goat is the award winning, critically dissed porn movie of hayden with bong's former alleged paramour, a comedienne with well endowed inflatable life buoys attached to her front.

with all that sweet talk, i still can't get over hayden's history of drugged induced proclamation that he formulated his own religion (with vicky as his sole worshipper) and that he is a disciple of Jesus, Shiva and Einstein. A write up can be read from a previous post and in a archive story.

if that's the sort of effect that you get when using his perfume, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency just might need to update its list of contraband. hayden lo-kho lo-kho.


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