Shalani as TV Host?

the first communion dress of shalani in her willing willie debut did nothing to spice up her presence. it was like watching the living dead.

the very least they could have done was to lessen the canned shriek and clapping of an imaginary audience. willie should have done the barangay election trick. pay the audience to clap for shalani.

i am glad noy dumped shalani, anyone stupid (or scheming) enough to get on stage with willie (post ABS) has got some few loose screws in their head. when you consider that willie's regular victims are the sexy bombshell screaming co-hosts, can we expect shalani to eventually loosen up?

that or they plan to convert the show into a prayer meeting.

on the other hand, willie did a master stroke in getting shalani as her co-host. the recent news of the break-up should generate enough sympathy viewership.

what's tacky is the fact that shalani couldn't wait long enough to jump right into showbiz. it was reported that the queen of all media was threatened by shalani in noy's life. apart from a distinct talent to sound soft spoken, i don't see shalani doing the lady gaga dance numbers soon. she'd do better in 700 club.

or i might be totally mistaken. on the other hand, willie, showbiz, TV show, co-host, no apparent talent. i don't need to be a madam auring to read the signs.


Barefoot Lady said…
Shalani's image is to neutralize willie's brazen attitude. Ginagamit lang siya ni Willie...

But my hubby, who really liked shalani said that if she's of good character/ background she will not "patol" TV5 and willie's offer. Pero naman, break na naman sila during the campaign season pa.
Cacho said…
OMG. i think your hubby and i have the same brainwave. that was what i was thinking about her character. i used to like her, soft spoken, quiet and didn't say a thing despite all the tirada from kris. then comes willie - sira lahat.

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