Innocent Faith

i know i should not be taking pictures while mass is going on. on the other hand i just couldn't let the moment pass when i know it might never come again.

a child of about three years old wearing a bedraggled dirty shirt walked in the church, clutching a ball in his tiny hands. he went straight to a backless pew set against the wall and struggled to get up.

he sat there, still and silent.

when it was obvious he wasn't going to go anywhere, i silently pulled out my camera and took these pictures.

he struggled going down the bench as his feet can barely touch the floor and when he got to his feet he looked up at the people standing around him.

a guard came up and prodded the child to get out, without a word he walked out, still clutching the small ball in his hands.

i couldn't concentrate during the mass as my mind wandered and thought where he might be and the whereabouts of his parents. i felt a familiar tug in my chest and that feeling of running out of air. i closed my eyes and prayed for Jesus to take care of the child.

On my way out, i saw the child sitting beside his mother who was sleeping, sprawled on the sidestreet with nothing more than a flattened carton as a bed. the kid was busy putting things in a bright blue plastic bag and when i came near i heard him hum a song. in his hands he was clutching a packet of juice.

my heart thundering hard, i quickened my steps to where i parked my car, got in and cried.


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