idiot box

i glossed over the local newspaper and saw the picture of imelda plastered (i meant the picture) on the front page and a caption that she's the celebrated guest of the one cebu event aside from gracing the opening of  museu sugbo.

from a disgraced wife of a tyrannical dictator who "allegedly" plundered the country coffers she is now the representative of ilocos norte and apparently, a guest of honor of the province. frankly i wouldn't be caught in a picture with her (not that i'm important enough) unless am standing beside her in madam tussaud's wax museum. with a blow torch in my hands.

on other (un)related news, robin gives a ring to mariel with a sappy line that she's the only one he's ever given a ring to. i wonder what he gave liezl when they got married? a nose ring? this event is rather convenient for mariel who broke up with boyfriend zanjoe due to "complications" just weeks before.

"complications" defined as a certain erik santos rumor going about. nope, not erik and mariel. the other one. this gay rumor is so old i'd be shocked to hear that erik or zanjoe are actually in REAL relationships with the opposite sex. it's getting stale.

lets move on to kris and james - with jame's mother going on air to say that she never liked kris, well because, she's kris. whatever that means. she made it sound like kris equals venereal disease. she made a big deal about kris being rich and them being poor. boo hoo. enough with the pity story please. we are definitely sure that james had his own share of issues. rumors don't pop up out of nowhere.

and so i torture myself with another bout of idiocy that's strangely fascinating.


Barefoot Lady said…
hehehe! Those were part of our breakfast conversation yesterday. Sometimes, you just have to indulge yourself with "guilty pleasures" and by that, i mean local showbiz crap. Wednesday "rushes" column is a household favorite since we don't watch local channels, its our way of keeping up with the "news".
Erich Jao said…
didn't know bout the mom of james going on air... thing is she ought to bash her son for missing some screws and marrying kris. not unless he was after something else.
Cacho said…
nako jane! same here, i don't have television at home. actually, i don't have cable or local channels pala ha ha ha. i also love the wednesday rushes column in inquirer :) - funny that we discover same interest aside from blogging and pictures!

@erich - am sure james had an "ulterior" motive for marrying kris. then again, kris is saying that the marriage was null and void from the very start. crazy huh? why didn't she check on that from the very beginning instead of going through years of marriage?

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