Maria Ressa: "We are not an Aquino station"

ABS-CBN's Maria Ressa maintained that the station's News and Current Affairs department is not biased, much less an "Aquino station". - quoted from Manila Bulletin, July 4, 2010

yes, it is true, the News and Current Affairs department is not biased as it is now called the Showbiz and Entertainment department.

Who says it is an "Aquino station"? ask the nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, sisters, drivers, maids and anyone remotely associated with P-Noy that has been featured in ANC, ABS-CBN, SSN for interviews. They all maintain, that it is not an Aquino station.

correction, it is not an "Aquino station". it is a KRIS Aquino station - and don't you forget that!

- disclaimer -

i campaigned for P-Noy and Mar, i also believe that ABS-CBN played a major role in getting the votes for P-Noy, in the same manner that Kris already split up with James before the actual election and kept it hush-hush. more importantly, i also believe that ABS-CBN is bent on turning it's news department into a tabloid newsroom.


Erich Jao said…
i have stopped watching local tv and just concentrate on watching anime. i find that i have not missed anything and given the ceaseless thrust for the protagonists to beat the odds, i think i'm better off too.

you have validated my hobby of being a retard :)
Cacho said…
in fairness, i've stopped watching local tv shows as well. don't have antenna in the house, nor do i have cable ha ha ha. but i do read the news a lot and if i get to watch tv, that's usually in the gym na lang he he he

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