Kris advised not to marry in church

an article posted in manila bulletin indicated that Former Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Cruz advised Kris Aquino not to get married in church due to her "personality".  why is it even news material? more importantly, why did that conversation / interview even take place? it reeks of self righteous propaganda from someone whose moral authority is in question. sensationalism? more like tabloid fodder for me.

for your entertainment, here are actual "quotes" from Cruz:

“It will be hard for Kris, in her personality context, to enter into a valid church marriage. The way I see her, seeing her from her past relationships, [she] will find it hard to be a partner, to be a real partner of another, which is the essence of marriage,” - father, who asked for your opinion? why even talk about this one? and since you mentioned "valid church marriage" is there such a thing as an "invalid" one?

“The main reason is that she is more for herself than for someone else like a spouse. Meaning to say, she is not someone who [thinks of] herself as a partner to somebody else so that the two of them become one. Marriage is partnership,”

“I would not advise her to get married in church. If she wants to marry again, it should be civil so that the annulment process is fast,” - who asked for his advise anyways? he came close to promoting divorce in the Philippines - get married in civil rites and dissolve it when it doesn't work out? i am getting the impression that civil weddings are just as "illegitimate" in the church's eyes as those who prefer to live-in or be common law partners. heck, why not just promote living-in? why bother with civil ceremonies?
“I’m not pronouncing judgment on whether she is good or bad, or whether she is a sinner or a saint. No, I’m not doing that. I’m just talking about her, based on my experience in the marriage tribunal." - here comes the old "condemn the sin not the sinner".  except that he's replacing sinner with "Kris".

hypocrisy leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but a dose of hypocrisy from an "institution" that's possibly the most hypocritical is like bile coming up to be regurgitated.  with Cruz as an example, he's doing a fine job of demolishing the (in)credibility of the catholic institution. the action of the local catholic leaders reek of self serving holier-than-though stance just when the institution is beset with scandals. they don't deserve to be given the title of "church".

everyone seems to be giving advise, with vested interest, irrelevant, legitimate, valid or not - but when advise is unsolicited it must stand up to critique and a higher moral measure to ensure that it does not become self serving and or self righteous. coming from Cruz, i somehow get the feeling it is both.

here's my (un)solicited advise - shut the ---- up!


Erich Jao said…
i'm aghast, a priest saying that redemption and change is hard... whoa! perhaps he ought to include himself in the "hard" things eh?
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