Facundo, ilabas ang mga aso!

awwwwww cuuute! that would be the first reaction people have when they see these pups. except that these are american pit bulls and the reaction usually change to that of fear. pit bulls have gained unnecessary bad press over the years as vicious animals propagated by urban legends of baby eating monsters.

not these ones. even the adults are big babies. i absolutely love these dogs as they are usually caring, lovable and ever so loyal. that is, if you show them you're not afraid of them. i think it's the stink of fear that gets their adrenalin running.

it doesn't mean that you go and be chummy chummy with the adults immediately. i usually go near the cages, place my arm near them and let them sniff me just so they remember my scent before i reach in and play with the big babies. two particular monsters curiously named yahoo and chopper love their belly rub and yahoo would even stand up on his hind legs so i can reach in and give him a back massage. chopper has a particular habit of reaching out his cage and literally paw me just to get my attention. he's a jealous one, he doesn't like it when i give yahoo more attention.

by the way, just in case you're interested to know more about these pups you can contact Ryland at SMART- 09192706599 or SUN - 09222317774. the parents are pedigreed and have achieved champion status in a number of dog shows.


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