Divorced, With Benefits

with more than 40 movies to her credit, it is inevitable that meryl would have to reprise some of her old characters in her latest movie, "it's complicated"

adult love? she romanced clint eastwood in bridges of madison country. having an affair with a married man (1995)? robert de niro was her paramour in falling in love (1984). a cook? she was the perfect julia child in julie and julia (2009). a second chance with love? she danced and sang her way through mama mia (2008) and into the arms of pierce brosnan.

nevertheless, meryl managed to take on an entirely different perspective with this movie that had the audience cheering, swooning, laughing and secretly hoping that things will turn out right for the divorced couple in the middle of an illicit dalliance. "it's complicated" is a perfect description of the characters who all have their own neurosis but tied together with one single theme: love, falling in love, falling out of love and finding love all over again.

and if "eeeeeeewwww" comes to mind when imagining your parents making out, this movie pulled a surprising sexy sexy turn with meryl and alec. pushing late fifties, this movie shows that indeed, we can grow old gracefully, complete with our self doubts and skewed views of ourselves.

and if you do decide to watch the movie, i just wanted to say that i was rooting for meryl and the other guy to end up together. that and watch out for john krasinki, he almost stole the show :)


Anonymous said…
alec baldwin is chunky in this movie but oh sooooooooo gorgeous.

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