A Travellers Log - Annecy France

I have a Cat that lives in London. Well, she happens to live there after taking up her masters and hopefully, she'd have decided by now to take up that job tomorrow in a company that offered her a post. We haven't really seen each other for a while but i live vicariously through her and her travels.

she sent a recent invite to view some of her pics in Annecy, France and i was able to get her permission to post the pics - with a few minor artistic alterations.

Enjoy this one.

i can almost imagine the scents in the market. ah..

if you want to know more about annecy go to wikipedia and search for annecy and you'll come up with an interesting write up about the town north of france. perhaps one day, i'd be able to cross THAT bridge (cat, you know which one ha ha ha).

Note: photos courtest of Catherine Huang; Annecy, France


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