Pardon Me

we usually say "pardon me" when we burp in front of people. if only it was that simple in the case of erap. his pardon does not serve any purpose to the filipino people except strengthen the long held perception that the scales of justice tip towards those that have money, power and influence.

except that when erap burped, i can smell the rotten stench of arrogance mixed with delusion of grandeur brought about by alcohol. he claims to be innocent and that the filipino people have acquitted him in the eyes of God. i wonder if we pray to the same God.

instead of asking pgma to grant erap pardon, Cardinal Vidal should have gotten out of his palace, visit the nearest national penitentiary to see that thousands more repentant criminals deserve his intervention for pardon rather than one who claims to be innocent up to this point.

on the other hand, these criminals can't afford the millions of contributions that erap gave to vidal - they barely have centavos to buy milk for a starving kid.

i am filipino, and like majority of other filipinos, erap is a criminal in my eyes that does not deserve a pardon because he never was "guilty" of anything. isn't that the biggest irony of all?

Pardon me indeed.


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