Transformers - Dark of the Moon, a Rambling Movie Review

i don't understand this "DESIRE" to catch a movie on its first day. it's not like the Transformers Dark of The Moon plot is going to change after a couple of days. Megatron is still going to die and Sentinel Prime is still a traitor. oh wait, did i just give a spoiler?

can i just rant for a bit?

putakting sm eto, amputchang sakit ng neckers ko looking up the crotch of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, pati kulangot ni optimus prime kitang kita ko, in 3D. dapat ipagbawal ang neknekeng first three seats in the front! parang kumain ako ng isang toneladang lechon at nahilo ako pagkatapos panoorin ang super-feeling-close-up action right in front.

speaking of transformers, there are a lot of that in the philippines. boy by day, girl by night. and if this is not enough, i read in the newspaper that the mega-transformer herself, dr. belo just announced her engagement with hayden "manyak" kho. di bale, vicky can fulfill the fantasies of hayden of having a virginal bride. dapat si vicky should have been in transformers part 2, revenge of the "fallen".

another group of transformers are also making a ruckus in the news. we call them wolves in vestments. angels by day, demons by night. the bishops who received PCSO donations and got luxury SUV cars are crying foul over the COA report and are complaining that the OTHER churches who got donations should also be listed.

very much like the talangka (crab) mentality, they want to bring down the other groups by saying that they are not the ONLY ones that got "donations". whether other groups got "donations" the fact that THEY got their loot is already unethical. reminds me of jesse james who said that it was okay to cheat on his wife sandra bullock because others are doing it as well. beat that logic.

and if you're trying to find any logic in that statement, it's like finding a good plot or reason for the transformers dark of the moon script. nothing. absolutely nothing.

don't get me wrong, i totally liked the movie (despite the steep nek) and the wham bam action but i totally don't get the critics for blasting the movie just because the plot sucks. hello, ALIEN giant TALKING robots? and you expect a plot for this one? put your brain in park mode and just enjoy the ride!


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