Imelda Loves Cebu

did anyone see the front page picture of imelda marcos doing a duet with gwen garcia in yesterday's sunstar? i'm posting another picture of the ladies with imelda holding up an "I Love Cebu" shirt together with gwen.

i don't understand why we are celebrating a lady whose family has been convicted of plundering the philippine coffers? the only reason why i would have my picture taken with imelda is if i get the chance to post it in facebook with an arrow pointing at her labeled "FREAK!"

i kept my silence when they recently published a picture of a gloating imelda as an honored guest in a recent museum opening in cebu if only for the small amount of satisfaction seeing madam in a "prison" turned museum. that's the closest you'll see her behind bars.

we pinoys have this uncanny ability for forgive and forget. unfortunately, that hasn't taught us to learn from our lesson. today, more than ever, corrupt political families are building dynasties and are sucking the pinoy dry and the best that we can do is to have our picture taken with these monsters doing a "duet".

what message is being shared with us? that is okay to fraternize with plunderers, crooks, murderers and criminals who still hasn't admitted their guilt? that is perfectly fine to look up to a family cast in shame rise up from the ashes and get elected into national positions?

madam gwen, i honestly think you are giving cebuanos a disservice with this move. what gains can you possibly get from fraternizing with imelda? do you need her endorsement for filipinos to come visit our paradise? if anything, my unsolicited advice is for you to distance from her as people just might think you're of the same stock. we don't want that do we?


Anonymous said…
The moment I found your page was like wow. Thank you for putting your effort in making this article.

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