December Cravings

in the philippines, enough food is consumed during Christmas Season to feed Ethiopia for a year. While that is oooobviously an exaggeration, the reality is that on average everyone gains a pound over the holidays. make that another pound, and another one, heck, make that a lot of pounds.

it doesn't help that i get invited to christmas parties, potlucks, snacks, merienda, breakfast, lunch and dinner. add to that fiestas, midnight meals on the eve of christmas and new year and the never ending boxes of fruit cakes that gets delivered to the office.

dong juan - sour dough burger

so what does one do? make up a long list of excuses to avoid going to parties, drip oil all over the gym, huff and puff through hours of aerobics classes, steam yourself to a dumpling in the sauna and go on a calorie restricted diet of oatmeal for breakfast and dinner. the upside? my meals cost less than Php 20 a serving.

don merto, classic burger

the downside? oatmeal tastes like paper at one point, never mind that you have an endless selection of flavors.

so what's the point of this post?

nothing really, except that my fans (assuming i do have readers) have been wondering why i haven't posted any recent "food trip" entry. it's selfish really, i don't want to tempt myself by posting yummlicious food pictures. that and the endless hate mail from readers (assuming again) who are trying (in vain) to go on a diet this season.

mama gie, humba

so, to satisfy some of your december cravings, i'm posting some unpublished food trip pics to whet your appetite. and please, don't blame me for that extra love handle after christmas :)

Happy Holidays everyone!


Anonymous said…
oh no! not another source of temptation this December!!! love the food shots cacho!

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