Clueless On Stage

songstress. scribe. master of ceremonies. totally clueless. insensitively discriminatory.

introducing natasha cang. she used the first three to describe herself. you can also add the last two to her resume after she hosted the company 2010 year end party.

towards the end of the show, she announced the best dressed male and female awards. and sounding like a TV sales channel, she said.. "but wait! I said we are awarding three best dressed awards for tonight, we have an award for the in-between..."

dead silence.

"maybe i should call this CREATURE on stage."

ooohhh... i can hear the kitty claws popping out.

some high profile officers beside me literally cringed when natasha said those words. the company i work for has a very strong policy regarding racial, religious, political and gender discrimination. to have a host refer to an employee as an in-between and a creature is plain stupidity and shows an utter lack of sensitivity.

at the very least, she could have taken a cue from the roaring approval of the audience when the company "goddesses" came out in full Victoria's Secret inspired number that shows how inclusive the organization is. a fact that even the 2009 host, Jude Bacalso, noticed the open acceptance of the gay community in the company is something that speaks about the culture of an inclusive global organization.

Rain for Queen 2009, Vanity for Ms. Carnival Queen 2010 and Maki as Queen 2010. All employees (or former employees) of the company that are highly regarded amongst their colleagues.

if you are to line up all three with Natasha on stage, it would be an easy guess which one is going backstage. not to nitpick, but the gown that Maki wore on stage during her production number as well as the hot red dress that Vanity wore easily wins versus the glittering red lechon inspired serpentina gown of ms. cang. Cang's lechon for Natasha Cang - how appropriate.

it would have been a bit more palatable if she displayed amazing hosting skills. the quirky thing about call center companies, we easily pick up on grammatical and pronunciation errors. generally we turn off this evaluation mode in a social event. on the other hand, her gaffes are becoming obvious specially when she got paired with an equally incompetent and amateurish male host who even consulted the backstage crew how to pronounce the names of the officers listed in his cue card. just a small tip, at the very least, know the names of the top brass and bosses of the company and make sure to acknowledge their presence.

if it is any consolation, this one is definitely sure - she's not going back as host of any of the company shows. and if this post goes out to the other call center groups, she just might not get any hosting jobs from this sector.

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natasha said…
How unfortunate that I had to come across this sorry post. Let me get things straight:

First off, I have many good friends in the gay community and I have nothing but admiration and respect for every single one of them. I have never in my life called any human being; gay, straight or undecided, a "CREATURE". However, I may just very well start with you. Thank you for the suggestion. I also do not say such a thing as "in-betweens". I have enough arsenal in my vocabulary and more than enough class than to resort to a non-word as "in-betweens". You, Cacho, need to get your facts straight and your ears cleaned before you start typing anything that may lead to a case against you.

I AM a songstress, scribe and master of ceremonies. A very good one. Aside from your company, I continue working with established call centers that thankfully, do not seem to have employees with hearing problems. I do not despise your jealousy since, apparently,all you know is eating and traveling, according to your "blog". Neither do I care that you disliked my red gown, which was a creation of the talented Cebuano designer, Dani Booc. Neither does it matter to me that you likened that lovely dress to my cousin's means of livelihood; Cang's Lechon, which I am sure, you cannot get enough of. No need to state the obvious, Mr Cacho. If you want to borrow the dress for your travels, I am sure Dani would be willing to lend it to you at a dear price.

Going back to your accusation of my calling upstanding members of this community "creature" and "in-betweens", I could very well have you sued for libel.

Have a Happy New Year, Mr Cacho.
Anonymous said…
Well said, Natasha. I subscribe to the idea that if you have nothing good to say, you are better off not saying anything. I wonder why people opt for hate blogs like these. This world is better served by words of kindness.
Cacho said…
Well said indeed Ms. Natasha, I'll take your insults and let it roll off my back, i take no offense and let it be. This is literally taking a page from the past as this was posted sometime in 2010.

We can debate the veracity of the information provided but i'd rather not go through that route as this entry doesn't need more attention than the comments posted here. (technically, this post suddenly became one of the "more" commented item in the blog)

Public figures do get their fair share of praises and critiques. I invite you to browse through my personal blog, you'll notice that praises are more frequent than negative quips (Dear Anonymous, lest you think this blog is JUST a hate blog, i encourage you to read more - additional traffic is welcome but it is the least of my objectives).

A statement of observation that is purely positive is nothing more than press release, this blog is not a PR site.

I wish you well on your own personal journey this 2012, and despite the sentiment expressed, I do wish you a Happy New Year Ms. Cang - 2010 is so old, 2012 is just starting.

Out of curiosity, how did you stumble across this blog?

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