Siquijor, Quick Facts


The best way to get to Siquijor is to take a ferry from Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental. Direct flights from Manila and Cebu are available via a number of options.

Alternately, you can take a direct boat trip from Cebu to Siquijor via Oceanjet in Cebu City Pier 1 but there is only one trip at 3:30PM (check the oceanjet website for schedules) and you arrive in Siquijor at around 9PM. A better option is to take the 6AM Oceanjet boat from Cebu to Dumaguete - you arrive at around 11AM and you choose boat options heading to Siquijor. at most you should be in Siquijor by around 2PM - 3PM, enough time to enjoy the beach.

there are various boats heading to dumaguete during the day, if you intend to go straight to Cebu, there is only one Oceanjet boat that leaves Siquijor at 6AM daily and you arrive in Cebu at around 12 noon.


Boats dock in Siquijor Port and you can make arrangements for the hotel to pick you up from the port or you can arrange for any of the habal-habal (motorcyle) or multicab to bring you to your resort. Rates vary but on average multicabs to San Juan town would cost you Php 300 one way. San Juan is  where most of the resorts are located. If you are heading to Enrique Villanueva or Maria (Salagdoong Beach, Princesa Bulakna etc.) it would set you back around Php 500 as it is further up north. (Check THINGS TO DO for a  recommended contact for a DAY TOUR service, the contact can also pick you up and bring you to your resort upon arrival)


If you are not particularly fixated on a beach front resort, you do have the option of staying in Siquijor town where a number of pension houses can set you back Php 1,000 a night for an airconditioned room for two. Access to food, transport and other amenities are much better in Siquijor town where you can make arrangements for day tours going around the island. San Juan would be the best location from sometime in September to early April whereas Maria and Enrique Villanueva would be the best options from April to September. Siquijor town itself is host to the gorgeous port beach where the white sand front is as fine as that of Boracay.

A list of siquijor resorts can be found in MySiquijor. Choose wisely as each location is affected by habagat and amihan winds.


Three days and two nights is perfect for a complete Siquijor experience. Enjoy your resort on your first day and on your second day, book yourself a day tour, whether you do the habal habal or multicab version, choose your itinerary wisely. Tour operators are regulated by the local government and department of tourism and they have a fixed rate of Php 1,800 for an 8-9 hour tour of the whole province. take note that if you want to traverse and see most of the island-province, you would have to limit your stay in each location to ensure you quickly get to the next place in your itinerary. reserve your swimming for other days or in the resort where you're billeted. tour guides / drivers are generally well versed about the various tourist spots you can visit. you can also check my post for my day tour escapade. You can call Nonoy Tamala at +63 916 859 9280 to make arrangements.


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