My Esfektakular Life

I totally blame my new Asus Transformer tablet. 

i haven't been writing (writing with effort, not just to get something in my blog) seriously for the past few months and as a result i have a esfektakular (this is another story,  a person i know, and many of you probably don't know,  refuses to pronounce "spectacular" properly) pile of pictures and stories that make up my fabulous life.

I have been practically travelling every weekend, throw in a trip to Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau, mixed in with local Cebu travel to Camotes, Tabogon, Danao and Barili. I also managed to insert some travel time to Bacolod where i rediscovered the beauty of Bago City's waterfalls.

Camotes was specially fun as i spent a weekend exploring spooky caves, gorgeous beaches and lakes with my very dear friends.

Last weekend alone I was in Manila to visit family and see friends, had a mega humongous burger in the Sunday Legazpi Weekend Market, oblivious to the raving of paki and morales fight fans as to who threw more punches as i chatted with friends. 

if that wasn't enough, i met up with cousins to head off to serendra for dinner at the fort, and yes, it's an entirely different story of how we ate our way through a whole cow (i bet my indian friends are groaning as they read this) in the Brazilian Churrasco restaurant and how i fell in love with this Alaskan Giant Malamute!

just the day before that I joined the Walk This Way tour of Carlos Celdran in old Intramuros with a good friend and learned trivia and information that Filipinos won't find in their regular DECS issued history books. Who would have thought that Douglas McArthur was a first class Drama Queen?

and the weekend before that, i sat through a whole show of Queens parading in their crazy national costumes where literally, one can wear your whole house on top of your head. I love you Bianca! Just the esfektakular parade is enough to give you a stiff neck as you look up to the gigantic headdresses that the contestants wore. I swear, next year one of them will have the whole leaning tower of pisa or the eiffel tower as their head ornament.

and yes, how can i forget my excitement over the fact that two books i have been waiting for finally came out? yes, i'm halfway through Inheritance and keeping the Lost Heroes as a reserve. 

You can say that it has been hectic and fun, and darn it, this Asus has kept me awake at nights playing these addictive android games. as they say, "putang inang baboy na to, di ako maka level up!"  - totally blame angry birds!

haaay. enough for now, i have to go back to my treasure trove of pictures and pick out the best ones :) do keep your eyes on this blog as i update it with my fabulously colorful travels :) love you all!


Anonymous said…
Great! thanks for the share!

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