Terrible Service

zest air makes cebu pacific look like paradise in the customer service front.

a friend of mine booked a round trip ticket for himself, his wife and sister-in-law for a long planned vacation. unfortunately, his flight with zest air got cancelled with no apparent reason.

i guess we can live with the fact that flights get cancelled. but what defines customer service is what a company does after the cancellation.

my friend wanted to have his flight rebooked to the next one but was informed there are no more seats available. he then asked if they have an arrangement with other airlines and the only response was that he has to book it himself and pay about four times the cost of his original ticket.

frustrated, my friend asked instead for a refund of the total ticket cost which is what most people would have done. unfortunately, he was informed that they can't refund his ticket as the flight coming back wasn't cancelled. it was all because of "company policy".

ironically, when my friend asked the lady which part of the ticket contract says he can't have a refund they can't give any answer except "company policy".

that's not the worst part. despite attempts by the ground staff, they couldn't contact any of their managers and went about chatting with the manager via text messages. i didn't realize that the tag "budget airline" for zest literally meant dirt poor budget - they can't even afford to make a phone call.

what sort of twisted version of reality do these asses from zest air live in?

as expected, my friend raised hell and help up the check in counter of zest air for two hours and was even threatened by security just because he wanted to get his refund. at the end, he GOT his refund.

if zest air thought that was a hassle, they should be charged and sued for the vacation my friend had to cancel. that's quality time he can't recover. ever.


putek, grabe naman yun. sana di naman mangyari samin yan, may booking din kami sa zest later this year eh

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