painting with light

young seductress
light captured on film or digital pixels make up a photograph. but what about invisible paint that only takes on form when hit by ultraviolet light? in the first place, why would any painter use such a paint?

art in recent years have gone through an evolution using forms, methods, installations, material, and interpretation. the methods may change but the subjects remain constant.
an igorot woman?

this series shows the artist's interpretation of the filipino woman in various roles. seemingly empty canvass hangs on the walls but comes alive when the ultraviolet rays of the rotating contraption set right in the middle hits the surface.
lady in a terno

the subjects all have a sensuous quality, a sense of mystery and like carnal thoughts, fleeting and disappears before you've fully grasped the entirety of the image.


Anonymous said…
isn't this the exhibit in rcbc museum? i was just wondering how you were able to take pictures inside a museum.
Cacho said…
the museum allows people to take pictures. perfect opportunity to get snaps of the amorsolo collection :) if you're asking about the technique, i have to use high ISO as i didn't have a tripod with me at that time.

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