politicians and diapers are alike in so many ways, we have to change them for exactly the same reason.

i had dinner with friends last saturday and the inevitable topic ended up with the recent results of the election. villar being the (5 Billion pesos) losing candidate, the idiotic surprise turn of events favoring erap and the elitist masses that wanted gibo to win but couldn't stand the heat of the long lines that formed during election day.

i felt vindicated, i didn't have to say anything as i twiddled with the yellow band wrapped around my wrist. abonynoy, bading, kalbo, manic depressive, kris aquino, bachelor, plays video games, hacienda luisita, lack of experience, no track record, mama's boy, gloriaquino - yada yada yada. 5 billion worth of propaganda capped off with the hasty press release of villar's mother defending her son and full studio compliment advertisement that only succeeded in driving the last nail in villar's coffin.

i planned to stay quiet but even after the elections, i still got emails about how gibo stood his ground, good looking, how we was the better candidate, good looking, how smart, good looking, articulate, good looking, accomplished, good looking, didn't resort to dirty tactics and good looking he is.

wake up.

do your research. look up his accomplishments as congressman and note that majority of his bills/resolutions were related to declaring national roads in his native district AND "allocating funds thereof". in the same category that a lot of resolutions/bills passed by Villar included inane items related to condolences extended to a colleague due to death in the family. yup, it all counted as their "bills" and "resolutions". moreso, look at the record of actual bills/resolutions authored exclusively by villar and gibo. they account for less than half their bills. majority are co-authored - in short, riding along someone else's work.

don't get me wrong, they did pass a number of significant items. items drafted by well paid legal teams that do all the necessary research and hard work behind the scenes. additional bills added to an already gargantuan list of bills and resolutions that hasn't even been cross referenced versus existing documents.

we have ENOUGH laws. don't we get it? it's the actual implementation of these laws that is the real problem.

don't get me started with erap. his conditional pardon was very specific, he should not be able to seek any government position in his lifetime. but for some reason, he got around the legal system. damn! he had a better legal team than villar. my only wish is that he won't last another six years otherwise we really have to face the reality of "the return of the come back".

at the end of the day, every villar and gibo supporter heaved a sigh of relief that aquino won. otherwise we would have to endure another term with an alcoholic idiot in malacanang. now, that's what we call "postpartum depression".


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