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there's this new joint called steaks and ribs right across the office and my colleagues decided to grab dinner before heading back to the office. i decided to be "adventurous" and ordered ribs while everyone else stuck to the basic set meal combinations.

lyndon ordered salisbury steak (burger patty + egg + rice + generous portion of mushroom gravy sauce served on a sizzling platter) and the waitress asked how he liked his eggs.

may quipped: "scratched"

there you go, the whole dinner turned a bit green with talks about hayden (that's like so dead news) to bitter ocampo, and kristine hermosa doing a disappearing act to the US because she reportedly had to abort the handiwork of gabby lopez. in short, it was like dinner in front of SNN - less abundat and krises.

the conversation was hotter than the ribs i ordered. literally. i mean gnawing on cold meat is not exactly my idea of a cold dessert although the cloying sweet sauce sure made me think i was having my sweet fix.

anyways, all these unnecessary rambling was caused by my sudden craving for the egg custard pie that i get from angelica's. it's become some sort of habit for me. as soon as i park my car in st. patrick's, i drop by angelica's to get my fix and head off to brown cup for something to drink.

beware though, they run out of stock very fast. specially with the horde of churchgoers that troop to this little nook before and after the mass - the wafer and wine is not that filling if you know what i mean. :)


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