Complete Cycle

The last entry I made was done around January of 2005, perhaps it is apt to close off the year with a Christmas Entry... Technically, it's 24th Dec 2005 the eve before Christmas. This year is very interesting to say the very least.

For one, I just knew about long lost relatives based in Cebu, Philippines where I'm currently assigned. Second, I met the family at the death of my uncle Tito Moring. The thought is a bit morbid, but it's nice to touch base with Family even when am losing one of them.

It rather brings home a painful thought about my own mother who was diagnosed with Cancer September this year. Pancreatic Cancer, one of the most painful ones. She's had to endure a lot of woes, and this is another that she has to bear - payment for the sins of the family.

Mom's reacting pretty well to the treatment and hopefully, the CT Scan next year will indicate that the tumor has not grown at all. If that's the case, my sister's planning to take her back to the US with Da. I hope that's for good, she doesn't deserve the pain living here and thinking about my brothers living off her and Da. Ah, just get upset thinking about the situation.

O sya... some significant items that has happened...

Winky got Married Nov to Alex (finally)
Got my heart broken
Met a new interest November
Catherine left for Manchester August
Alecx got married to her Swiss Chocolate
Valentina is dating this Spanish Sardines
Jan is growing up to be really cute (takes after Cecil and Karsten)
Got my Nissan XTrail
An idiot backed up on my XTrail last 18th Dec 2005 (good thing it was just a small bump)
Aseef left for London and broke up with Raida
Jamshed got engaged (finally) to Ferzin - April 2005
Ayoob is engaged as well - Feb 2005
Newtel got dissolved - March (?)

There you go, at least some items that should remind me of what happened in 2005.


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