Off to new Adventures

It was a sign, me travelling on the 31st of December 2004. Local superstition held that whatever you are doing during New Year's eve is a portent of your incoming year. If that's the case then I'd be jetsetting or moving all over the place this year.

Not that I hate the idea, then again... So far I've quit my job 1st Jan 2005, moved out of my house 7th Jan 2005, flew out of Sri Lanka to Malaysia 11th Feb, celebrated Cong Xi Fa Chai (Chinese New Year) in an absurdly desserted Kuala Lumpur, checked in checked out of my hotel on the 12th, moved to a friend's place and went bar hopping on the same night, had breakfast, lunch and dinner in different restaurants in one day on the 13th, went to Church where people sell all kinds of services, wares and what have you right at the gate. I of course concluded my whirlwind of a tour with a purely platonic date with my girl-friend on the 14th in Petronas Tower (magnificent view of the towers at night!).

Sights visited: Merdeka Square and the Parliament (day and night), Peter Ho restaurant - lifestyle shop, Chinatown (the Chinese is conquering the world), National Mosque, Malls and malls and other malls, Petronas Tower, KLCC, the old Stock Exchange, the Metro Railway Ride, the Chinese Hakaw strip (gorgeous cheap-o food), the sidewalk Indian eatery, Liquid, Frangipanni, and a host of other restaurants I can't even begin to remember...

15th saw me flying to the Philippines, checking into a hotel then checking out the next day to move to another hotel (Citadel) right in the middle of the fucking red-light district. Oh well, "fucking" is indeed the keyword as you'd be bombarded by scantily clad women (and some he-women) the moment you step out of the hotel selling their wares. It was a virtual meat market, or a food court. They do come in all shapes, sizes and gender (or transgenderred, or x-gendered whatever...)

Again lunch, brunch, lunner (middle of lunch and dinner?!?!?), dinner, after dinner coffee, after dinner after coffee cakes, midnight tea, early morning eats at the sidestreet vendor. Try doing this for a day and you're like uhhhhhh.... Well, I had to do some fasting for twelve hours as I had to get some medical checks done on my blood chemistry or something, you know the usual annual medical exam (reminder to guys 30 and above, get your freaking annual exams done!) - then I realize it is supposed to be the Lenten season.

That was enough to sober me up. I think I'm going to do away with the whipped cream on top of my frappucino from Starbucks.

Am again hopping to another hotel for me to officially start my assignment with the new company am working for. Whew. That was a loooong ride. And if it's any indication, this year will indeed be a year of travelling around the country (and perhaps the world)

Just updating this blog with a semi-diary entry. At least I get to record my escapades.

Ok... nuff said, time to conquer the world ha ha ha.

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