Everything Yummy Food + Love

With a restaurant named "Everything Yummy Food + Love" certain expectations are set. It was a feature in a local newspaper that got me interested, that and the fact that the proprietor / owner, Hans Congmon, is an acquaintance in the gym where I used to work out. Added to the fact that his family originally owned the Sunburst restaurant/franchise that served very decent food and arguably one of the best fried chicken in town.
Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken

It took me a couple of months before I took the effort to drive all the way to piazza elisha in Talamban to sample the dishes on their menu array.
Homemade Corned Beef, Served as a Meal - this one brings back childhood memories of how my mom prepared her Corned Beef, lots of onions. they should have added tomatoes!

Quarter portion of the tender barbecue ribs, can be ordered half and whole - perfectly done and falling off the ribs softness. i'm not such a fan of the sweet glaze sauce though.

Verdict? Everything they served was indeed yummy. I can imagine Hans thinking of all the comfort food he loved and decided to put together a rather limited menu. They mixed breakfast type meals (think spanish chorizo, homemade corned beef) with dishes that are eclectic in their mix and origin with the wonderfully garlicky salpicao, (really) tender barbecue ribs, grilled lemon grass chicken served with its own dripping and rounded the list with the lone seafood dish, the pepper prawns.
Spanish Chorizo - mix it with the rice and enjoy your own chorizo rice!!!

majority of the dishes can be served as a set meal with rice or ordered as a full portion to be shared.
Salpicao, can only be ordered as a whole portion, soft beef cubes in a perfectly garlicky sauce. Served on top of  steaming hot rice and you have your perfect comfort food.

if i were to rate it according to the Cebuano method of Price (7), Portion(8) and Taste(9) then i would give it an overall rate of 8/10 which means that they would definitely see me come back for another round :) - tip, make sure to go early as the place can only accommodate a maximum of twelve diners due to its small size!

Adobobomb, salty, peppery, garlicky, oily, tender pork cubes - classic tagalog adobo!


Anonymous said…
Thanks buddy for the great write up... Love the pics... I guess you were being very honest with all your comments hahahahaha please give credit to my girlfriend/partner - Mel for the delicious food.
The long drive is worth it... See you there again soon buddy

Cacho said…
Hey Hans, my apologies to Mel, i didn't know the background not until I saw you in the resto. Tell her she's the better half of the equation ha ha ha.

Glad you liked the pictures, that's a rather passionate hobby that I do outside work :) feel free to grab and use it in your FB page.

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