Saturday, January 14, 2012

Call Girl and Call Boy

i graduated with a degree of computer science in one of the premier universities of the country, how is it then that i ended up as a call boy?

that joke never fails to crack up students when i get invited to talk about careers in call centers. that would be a legitimate job title right?

then again, it got me wondering how the term call girl became synonymous with "prostitute"? i presume it was because the men who would pick up these ladies on the streets would make sitsit to call the attention of a streetwalker. sitsit is a uniquely filipino way of calling someone, for lack of a real reference, you can make the same sound by imitating a snake and end the sound with a hard "t", sssst sssst.

as with most "imported' concepts, there has to be an etymology for "call girl" and my friend sent me a text message that the concept was invented in Melbourne, Australia where owners of brothels set up an "ordering" system by telephone, hence the term "call girl".

it piqued my curiosity and i did a bit more research and confirmed the fact alongside the added information that the system was set up as early as 1891, hence making Australia the original birthplace of call centers.

*picture not mine


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